Maximum Ride Cookies

Maximum Ride Cookies

Max makes cookies

Maximum Ride, my favorite book, has come to an end. :( Yet the story lives on. If you havent read this book I
Maximum Ride Blog Wars Finale

Maximum Ride Blog Wars Finale

This is funny

highly reccomend it. It is filled with adventure, action, laughs, and love. Anyone could pick it up and be hooked! But for the time being here are some parodies!

Characters in Maximum Ride-

MAX- the leader of the flock, she is 14

FANG-quite, strong, smart- he is max's best friend and ali, 14

IGGY-14, he has a sarcastic sense of humor (usually uses him being blind against max)

NUDGE-11, she is girly, fun, and can talk-A LOT

GAZZY-aka the Gasman (yeah that should explain it),8, biological brother to Angel

ANGEL-6, sister to Gazzy, reads minds, sweet & lovable

TOTAL-well dunno his age 'cause he's a dog, black scottie dog, oh and BTW he talks!

Maximum Ride is an 8 book long series written by award-winning author, James Patterson. Here are the books;

The Fugitives- The Angel Experiment, School's Out-Forever, Saving the Worls and Other Extreme Sports

The Protectors- The Final Warning, MAX, FANG, ANGEL, NeverMore