General RulesEdit

  • Don't use rude language, it includes whether it's abbreviated or not.
  • Be pleasent to other users even if you don't like what they have to say.
  • NEVER say that some shows are for babies.
  • Don't hurt other users feelings.

Page and Talk Page RulesEdit

  • If you have more edits than another user don't brag about it -everyone works hard.
  • NO spam on pages.
  • Don't rewrite other user's talk page messages or blog posts.

Picture adding rulesEdit

  • Don't add 2 of the same images.
  • You are okay to upload home images but don't upload bad images.

Video RulesEdit

  • When uploading a video it can be from any country and in any language.

Chat RulesEdit

  • Everything in general rules
  • If something bad happens while chat mod isn't on- talk to an admin, founder, or adopter

Thank YouEdit

If you took time to read this and you obey all of the rules Thanks A LOT!!

  • Just as a quick sidenote, if you can, sign your Username, Thnx again!